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This is a standard combination of high quality components which have the widest application. Steady filter rating Due to the protective cover, the filter is not easy to deform. High mechanical strength Owing to the support of protective cover, it has higher resistance to pressure and mechanical strength. Easy to wash It is very easy to wash, especially to reverse wash, by virtue of adopting the surface layer filtration material Corrosion resistance It has the property of anti-corrosion as a result of adopting the high quality material . Tractability It suits for many kinds of machining, with standard quality.

6-3). Filter Regulator+Lubricator - NAC10 Series


Ensured Pressure Resistance 1.5MPa(15kgf/cm²)
Highest Woking Pressure 1.0MPa(10kgf/cm²)
Ambient and Fluid Temperature 5~60℃
Filter Precision 25μm
Recommended Oil Use Turbine No.1 ISOVG32
Container Material Aluminum Die Casting
Pressure Regulating Range 0.05~0.85MPa(0.5~8.5kgf/cm²)
Valve Type With Overflow

*5,50μm available in addition

Model Specifications Accessories
Assembly Rated Flow (L/min) Port Size(G) Pressure Gauge Size Weight (kg) Bracket Pressure Gauge
Filter pressure reducer Mist Separator
NAC2010-01M NAW2000 NAL2000 500 1/8 1/8 0.66 Y20L G36-10-01
NAC2010-02M NAW2000 NAL2000 500 1/4 1/8 0.66 Y20L G36-10-01
NAC3010-02M NAW3000 NAL3000 1700 1/4 1/8 0.98 Y30L G36-10-01
NAC3010-03M NAW3000 NAL3000 1700 3/8 1/8 0.98 Y30L G36-10-01
NAC4010-03M NAW4000 NAL4000 3000 3/8 1/4 1.93 Y40T G46-10-02
NAC4010-04M NAW4000 NAL4000 3000 1/2 1/4 1.93 Y40T G46-10-02
NAC4010-06M NAW4000-06M NAL4000-06M 3000 3/4 1/4 1.99 Y50T G46-10-02
NAC5010-06M NAW5000 NAL5000 4000 3/4 1/4 3.2 Y60T G46-10-02
NAC5010-10M NAW5000 NAL5000 4000 1 1/4 3.2 Y60T G46-10-02

*Under the circumstance that the supply pressure is 0.7MPa(7.1kgf/cm²) and set pressure is 0.5MPa(5.1kgf/cm²) 
*Rc. and NPT port size are available.

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