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1). Pneumatic Speed Controller Valve, Pneumatic Flow Controller Valve

Application Features
1. Valve used for controlling the operation speed of a driving device 1. Precisely permit the optimal rate of airflow for the smooth cylinder movement of driving devices.
2. . Used for movement of machines such as cylinder, pneumatic finger etc. 2. The compact and light body permits use in confined space, the compact design provides a comparable range of speed as the conventional speed control do.
Construction 3. Nickel-Plated brass body ensures anti-corrosion and anti-contamination.Uni-directional airflow is available for either exhaust or inlet flow control methods.
Construction ofPneumatic Fittings with npt and bspt thread, Air Fittings, one touch tube fittings, Pneumatic Fitting, Nickel Plated Brass Push in Fittings      
Fluid Air, Vaccum
Pressure Range 0~1.0 MPa 0~150 PSI
Negative Pressure -100 Kpa(-750Torr) -29.5 ln Hg
Max Pressure 1.5 Mpa 250PSI
Temperature Range 0~60℃ 32~140F
Applicable Tube PU (Polyurethane) PA (Nylon)

Speed Controllers ( Air Goes From Tube and Exits Through Thread)

pneumatic fittings pneumatic fittings SPEED CONTROLLER    

Speed Controllers ( Air Goes From Thread and Exits Through Tube)


Speed Controllers (PA Union Straight)


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