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Rapid Fittings For Plastic Tube, Brass two touch fittings, Push On Fittings, Brass Quick Fittings - NPT, BSPT thread

Product Description
1.Rapid Fittings can be used with rigid nylon tubes.
2.Nickel-plated brass bodies ensures anti-corrosion and anti-contamination
3.Thread: BSPT,NPT,Metric threads
4.A locking nut is provided and can be tightened both manually and with a spanner.
5.The special shape of the guiding cone ensures that the tube can not be accidentally cut.
1. Ideally use in vacuum systems & confined spaces where tight bend radii are required 5. The special shape of the guiding cone avoid that the tube rupture accidentally.
2. Recommend Plastic Tube: PA polyethylene braided PVC rilsan polyurethane, also be used with rigid PA tubes. 6. Corrosion resistant thanks to Nickel plated.
3. For simple and quick connection of pneumatic circuits even without the use of a spanner. 7. Tubing locking nuts included.
4. Unique barb shape ensures good grip on tube even if just tightened by hand.  
Installation Instructions Interchange
1. Ensure that the end of the tube is cut square and is free from burrs. 1. Camozzi - Rapid Fittings, Norgren - Push-On Tube Fittings, Pneumax - Quick Fittings….
2. Place the knurled nut over the tube, See figure 1 Specification
3. Push the tube over the barbed end of the fitting up to the tube stop.
See figure 2
1. Material: Nickel-Plated Brass
4. Screw the knurled nut onto the fitting until finger or wrench tight.
(The hexagon on the nut is to aid release)
See figure 3
2. Media: Compressed air low pressure fluids
3. Thread: BSPP & BSPP as standard, other styles available on request.
compression fittings 4. Operating pressure: Vacuum -15 bar (mainly depending on tube's endurance)
5. Temperature: -18°C to +70°C.

Rapid Fitting For Plastic Tube ( Material: Nickel-Plated Brass )

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