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Pneumatic Fittings, DOT Push To Connect Air Brake Fittings (NPT thread and Inch Tubing)

Application Features
1. Quick disconnect simply push tubing in, no tools or loose parts to handle in tight places. 1. Brass construction. Elbows and tees are forged brass.
2. Full flow design, provides up to 60% more flow area than conventional fittings with internal tube supports. 2. Swivel elbow and tees for ease of orientation.
4. Typical Applications: windows, door locks, mirrors, wipers, air operated seats, operating gauges, air horns, heater controls, gear shifts, fifth wheels, and air brake connections. 3. DOT approved. Pre-applied PTFE based pipe sealant on all male pipe threads, Viton O-ring sealing in all of fittings
Assembly Disassembly
DOT push to connect air brake fittings DOT push to connect air brake fittings
Insert tube end into fitting, sliding I.D. of the tube over insert (friction is felt as tube slides past O-Ring). Continue to push tube in until it bottoms out. Use thumb and forefinger to disconnect tube. Hold down the top of the insert against the fitting body and pull out the tubing with the other hand. No tools needed.
Fluid Air, Vaccum
Pressure Range 0~250PSI
Max Pressure Determined by maximum working pressure of the recommended plastic tubing
Material Brass  
Temperature Range -30 to +250 °C
Applicable Tube PU (Polyurethane) PA (Nylon)

DOT All Brass Push In Fittings, For Air suspension, Air Bag, Air Spring, Air Brake Hose, Viton Sealing, Never Leak, (NPT thread, Inch Tubing)

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