Chinese Manufacturer Of Pneumatic Components

Air Standard Cylinder

DNC/DNG/SI/SC/SU series Cylinders are manufactured according to ISO6431 standard, with the bore size from 32mm to 100mm. Design with new seal material and buffer structure, has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, low starting pressure, stable operation, good sealing performance, long service life, convenient maintenance and operation and so on.AIR CYLINDERPoint, widely used in light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, textile. Electronics industry automation equipment, a variety of accessories, to meet different installation requirements.

100-400 Series Air Directional Valve

100-400 Series series directional valves enjoy high response and stability, is classical directional solenoid valves, available with directional 5/2, 3/2, 5/3 way solenoid valves from 1/8" to 1/2". air valveWith imported wires automatically wired in high temperature spot-welding craft, coil plug pins silver plated, 2000V high breaking voltage testing to ensure safety of solenoid valve use. Horizontal machining center, imported seals, specified imported grease, with professional production of solenoid plunger and special after-treatment, gives strong background for high quality. 100% guarantee from full-automatic testing

Air Filter Regulator Lubricator

N series air treatment units is actually metal bowl type of A series air units, we manufactured this style air preparation units since 3 years ago. The metal bowl makes the bowl and guard to be one and can strongly protect the units from outside. Air Treatment UnitsThis series air units are with the same function as A series with bowl sizes from 2000 to 5000. Among these air treatment units, bowl sizes for 3000 and above air filter can be mounted with auto drain element Very popular especially for USA and Europe.

Pneumatic Fittings

push in fittings

One touch fittings used in pneumatic piping, Quick installation, simple and flexible, space-saving, easy to connect tube by one touch,Even after installation, the direction of tubing can be changed freely, all tapered threads are pre-coated with Teflon with fine seal performance. Nickel-Plated brass body ensures anti-corrosion and anti-contamination.


Reliable Manufacturer

NingBo Pace Pneumatics Co., Ltd. is Chinese Manufacturer located in NingBo City, China, and was found in 2003, Specialized in producing Pneumatic Cylinder, including Standard Cylinder, Mini Cylinder, Compact Cylinder, Rotary Cylinder, Free Installation Cylinder etc. Pneumatic Actuators, Air Directional Valve, 400 Series, Air Control Valve, Solenoid Valve, Mechanical Valve, Hand Valve, Quick Exhaust Valve etc. pneumatic control valve, Air Treatment Units, Air Filter, Air Filter Regulator, Air Lubricator etc., Pneumatic Accessories, pneumatic fittings, plastic push in fittings, all brass air fittings, air tubing etc. More...

Pneumatic Cylinder

Standard Cylinder Pneumatic Cylinders are always called acting components, which are controlled by directional valves.  Pace Pneumatics designing and producing Pneumatic Cylinders, We have a wide range of cylinders, from standard to nonstandard, with bore size ranges from 6mm to 600mm. We have ISO6431 standard cylinder and ISO6432 mini cylinder mainly for the international market. We also have Mini cylinder, compact cylinder, double shaft, Free installation Cylinder, Pace Pneumatics manufactures the key parts of the cylinders, from die-casting, aluminum profile precision draw, machining, casting's shot blasting, air tightness assurance through the impregnation by vacuum pressure process and passivation treatment, aluminum profile surface oxidation treatment, to assembling and testing, for better quality control. The cylinder covers, piston and piston rods are CNC machined, the seals are from PARKER, to ensure the cylinders work stably and safely. We will design cylinders according to our customers' requirements.

Air Directional Valve

Directional Valve We have various different valves like 100 series, 200 series, 300 series, 400 series, 3V1 series, H3V1 series, VF series, VZ series, pneumatic valves, mechanical valve, hand pull valve, hand push valve, foot valve, etc. About solenoid valve, there are 5/2,5/3,3/2,2/2 with different connection ports, pressure, temperature, medium, etc. The material can be aluminium, brass, stainless steel and engineering plastic, which are widely use different conditions together with control elements. become a very wide air direction control system, to lay a good foundation for a perfect pneumatic system

Air Control Valve

AIR CONTROL VALVE As a professional solenoid valve manufacturer, Pace Pneumatics has a wide range of solenoid valves widly used in many areas of the industry control systems, designed in different structures supporting for different medium , air, water, gas, oil, Nitrogen, Oxygen at different pressure, temperature, medium, sizes, conditions, all etc . our solenoid valves have zero differential valves, plastic solenoid valves, high pressure solenoid valves, etc. Our solenoid valves medium temperature and environment temperature ranges from -20~180C. The working pressure can reach 1.5 Mpa. The thread size ranges from 1/8" to 2". The seals of solenoid valves are NBR, our valves bodies are CNC machined, to ensure excellent quality. We can design solenoid valves according to customer's requirements.

Air Treatment Units

Air Treatment Units Air treatment units (also called air preparation units) don't do any job directly like pneumatic cylinders and solenoid valves, however, they're playing an very important role as pre-treating air source from air compressor, which make big influence of how long pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valves can work, including air filter, air regulator and air lubricator, Some air units can also be with auto drain. We are one special factory in this area,and our products have been approved in domestic and abroad, it supports more than 9 Bar in actual application while normal FRL oilers break for long time use, which proves top technology in FRL field and give a better air source solution for higher pressure demanded fields. AF series, HAF series, NAF series, AW series, HAW series, NAW series, AL series, HAL series. NAL series, AC series, HAC series, NAC series etc.

Pneumatic Accessories

Pneumatic Accessories Pneumatic accessories especially tubing and fittings are necessary in an anutomation system! Pneumatic accessories keep their function to connect different parts, to transfer the pressure power or to lower the noise from the pneumatic system, so that the pneumatic systems can work smoothly and noiselessly, we have a wide range of pneumatic accessories for different suitations, different kinds of plastic push in fittings, all metal push in fittings, DOT push to connect air brake fittings, one touch tubing fittings, all brass air fittings, pneumatic connectors, PU tubing, PA tubing, silencers, pressure gauges, air blow guns etc.



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